Burnt Toast Slip


Burnt Toast Slip

Lineage: Girl Scout Cookies x French Toast

Flowering Time: 60+ Days
Burnt Toast normally doesn’t sound too appetizing, but understanding the lineage helps understand the inspiration for the name. This indica leaning hybrid from Raw Genetics comes by crossing GSC with French Toast.
Once one breaks the nuggets open, releasing the nostril-tingling orange-citrus spices, one really understands the rest of the motivation for the Burnt Toast moniker. Along with the peppery spices and orange-citrus flavor is just a hint of mint.
The Burnt Toast buds are long and oval-shaped, with curly olive and fern-green leaves. Patches of fiery orange pistils can be found in abundance, while golden trichomes cover the buds, lending a mossy look. These yellow trichomes cover the dark-green leaves making the buds look camouflaged.
Despite leaning Indica, users found the Burnt Toast mentally energizing, with most reporting an enhanced sense of focus accompanied by a mellow, but not sedating body buzz. The psychoactive euphoria is reportedly strong, but not overwhelming. Although users reported marked reductions in chronic pain, we didn’t see the incapacitating couch-lock that’s usually reported with heavier Indicas.
Burnt Toast is a spicy and energizing Indica that’s perfect for daytime or wake and bake sessions. They say this strain may help users deal with physical discomfort without killing motivation and focus.

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